Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bread & Circus

This oft cited phrase originates from early Roman satirist Juvenal, who accused his fellow citizens of allowing themselves to be placated by offers of food and entertainment from a decadent government. It has been argued that before the Roman Empire collapsed, it entered a period of obscene decadence and hubris, to such a degree that the collapse of the empire initially went unnoticed. 

A contemporary comparison to this ancient empire crumbling down around its proponents as they flit from the chariot race to vomitorium can easily be made. The most obvious and vile example of this is seen in the literally hundreds of tonnes of perfectly good food that we dispose of on a daily basis, merely because it cannot fulfil its economic purpose. That this food is disposed of while our nation plummets into recession and homeless men die on our streets is one insult. It is nothing short of a colossal monstrosity though, that the majority of the population of our planet live in poverty while we flounce from our modern day vomitoriums to our modern day colosseums, all the while allowing this PERFECTLY GOOD FOOD go to waste. These horrific tenets of our modern day 'civilisation' are so ingrained it seems, that people have been fired from work, physically assaulted and even arrested and sent to prison for TAKING FOOD FROM BINS (cue Benny Hill music)... as if bemused and disgusted glances from passers-by aren't bad enough. It is interesting to observe that these same passers-by would be quite happy to hand over their hard earned colouredy bits of paper for the exact same items only half an hour previous... but we digress.

In an attempt to remedy this obscene global and local situation, the Elephant in the Room have launched a three pronged strategy. Part one involves an integrated citywide advertising campaign, which will attempt to bring awareness to this tragicomic state of affairs. Part two involves rescuing said food from its sad demise at the hands of a lunatic system. Part three involves sending said food to various parts of the third world, where our slaves reside, toiling day in and day out so that we can have the privilege of such laudably decadent lifestyles. Accompanying these food packages will be notes of apology and pleading, in the hope that when this empire finally crumbles, which indeed it is bound to do, that our slaves do not revolt and come to seek their revenge.

Stalls will be set up at various locations where information and paraphernalia regarding our campaign can be obtained. Please come and let us know of your thoughts if you happen to see us!

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